# Tuesday, 08 November 2005
A little something that's been stuck in my head of late.
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# Monday, 07 November 2005

I've almost always been behind the times with my computer hardware.  It wasn't until this past tax season that I was able to have a modern desktop (Athlon64 2800+).  As the holiday season approaches, I find myself wanting to upgrade my workspace again, even though there's no chance in hell of it happening, to include something to make me more productive or something fun.

For productivity, I'd like to see a pair of these sitting on my desk.  I was lucky enough to have a pair of them with a previous customer, and absolutely fell in love with them.  The amount of space the save compared to CRTs and the extra productivity from having that much screen area are wonderful.  I honestly find it hard to work with my CRT combo at home, and almost impossible on the single head setup I have at the office now.

For fun, it would absolutely have to be an iBook.  Either the 12" or 14" model.  With the power of BSD and the simplicity Apple is famous for, not to mention the design put into the new models (durability, battery life, etc), make it hard to not want one.

Ah well, I suppose new toys will have to wait til next taxmas, unless some nice, generous users happen across the paypal button on my projects pages and show their appreciation.  In the mean time, I shall return to my attempts to ressurrect NB2.

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