# Monday, 28 September 2009

I ran across this for the first time, and thought it was worth putting together in one spot.  I was trying to deploy a solution into my test environment, which happened to have one web-front-end server offline.  Whether or not that was the cause I have no idea, but the solution decided to sit and wait.  After doing a bit of searching, I came across the canceldeployment command, but either due to bad luck or the net filter at work, I was unable to find out what the deployment id should be.  So I poked around a bit more and finally found the enumdeployments command.

Putting the pieces together you get:

stsadm –o enumdeployments

This will present some XML spew.  It’s easily readable, so find your solution name and get the job id. Then…

stsadm –o canceldeployment –id <id>

This will nuke the pending operation and put your solution into an error state.  You may then retract, delete, and try again.  This same process works for stuck retractions too.

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# Wednesday, 03 June 2009

I’ve been a fan of SharePoint since WSSv2 first came out.  Development on the platform wasn’t all that great though.  Things changed in a big way with WSSv3, and had I known just how easy things had become, I would have started this project a long time ago.

After being introduced to Trac a few years ago, I immediately set up a site and linked it to my private repository.  Having a wiki and source browser tied together can be immensely useful.  The one thing I’ve always had an issue with regarding Trac is how it supports documents (barely at all).  You can attach them to pages or put them in your repository, that’s it.  SharePoint, however,  was designed for document management; it just doesn’t have a way to browse a source repository.  I decided to fix that.

After fetching SharpSvn I set about figuring out how to get it integrated with SharePoint.  Eventually things came together, and I ended up with this:


That wasn’t enough though.  I needed to be able to view those files too, and of course I wanted syntax highlighting.  I don’t remember how I found this, but it works great.  A bit more tinkering and…


Just need to do a bit of clean up and finish making the UI seamless with SharePoint.

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